By: Mental Mist

Apr 26 2009

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

roots stalled around the surface
no more than infant trees
got mulched in traffic
photographed in concrete contrast
shrivelled trying to reach
into life through tar

roots would be branches if they chose
grow leaves if they rose
if they twiddled instead of holding on
killed in haste
neglected till waste
drowned in water
shrivelled in dry heat
then tinted in tea

roots rained down dried twigs
and sand, rising with no hold
when the world turned over
digging branches into the earth
burying leaves
then grew like shock in thin air

when memory was numbed enough
for the similarity
when later the upside down tree
was called the tree
and so free it was
until again they redefined free


4 comments on “roots”

  1. i love the artwork with this post. is it yours?

    ~MM Hey thanks :)! yep it is, a photo digitally altered…

  2. Hello there, Mental Mist!

    I was browsing through the poetry section just now,
    and there it was…roots. I’ve always wondered
    what they really look like. These are pretty cool!

    Upside-down when the world turned over…
    that’s how I got like this? That explains it. Thanks!

    Uncle Tree

    ~MM – Thank you Uncle Tree, glad you enjoyed it :)!

  3. cool, wild photo perfectly compliments wild tangled root poem.

    ~MM – Thanks Paul :), its good to see you here!

  4. Excellent photo!
    Very nicely seen and captured.
    Wonderful photoblog you have here 🙂

    ~MM – Thanks Ilan!

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